Hello World, Here I is

Who ever would have thought, I would have a blog! And here I am at some odd hour of the night/morning posting while I nurse my sleepless baby.  My child is 5 months old and I have been meaning to start this blog since… well…. okay, so I meant to blog during my pregnancy. Missed that chance, all 9 months of it. It took so long, yet where did the time go? There were so many things I planned to do while I was at home waiting on the birth of my child. Blog, take a class, start a business, organize my house -or at least my closet, start my yoga journey (taking a deeeep breath), catalog all of my photos, take up organic cooking, download all of my CD’s onto my computer, plant a herb garden in my back yard, plant a flower garden in my front yard, reconnect with all of my long lost friends, transfer all of my notes on aromatherapy, vitamins and minerals, and other alternative healing therapies that I have been studying and jotting down for the past 5 years to some sort of workable file, blahblahblah. My younger sister was off trotting around the globe (again) to Africa, Trinidad, and South America during the largest part of my nine month baby waiting period. While she was off doing cool things, I meant to be equally productive by at least sharing my pregnancy experience with the world by entering the land of blog. Hmmmm… Not that I was trying to “keep up” or “compete”. Oh no, how could incubating a child possibly compare with  Christmas in the bush of Nigeria, Carnivale in Trinidad, or country hopping through South America, ending on the beach in Brasil? Wait, I’m getting off track here, we’ll discuss all of that later. But back to the point….what was the point? Damn, in typical fashion here I am going off on a tangent with basically no direction hoping that someone out there can keep up with my ramblings. Oh yeah, the point was – Finally, HERE I AM!! 5 months into this thing called motherhood, here I sit typing my very first blog entry! Not the sort of intellectual moment I had hoped to be having for my first ever web logging moment, with the baby hanging off my boob at 2:45 am, but I am here just the same!



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